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talented bitch

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have you quite finished


can you tell me a little about how you color your gifs?? like, a tutorial, please?? :) —Anonymous

Are you trying to say that you actually like my coloring? *sheds a tear* thank you <3

Well, I’m not very good at tutorials but lets see how this works out..this is just a basic coloring tutorial.

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Think about H/Ls voicemail. Like, there's a number you can call and get H's deep voice being all polite and L's in the background being a menace & H yells at him but it's all fond and then there's giggling as they finish the message together and it's cheesy and cute and you can just TELL that L was in H's lap and sjsjska —Anonymous


Harry: Hiiiiiii. Um, you’ve reached the voicemail of….


Harry: [giggles] Lou! No, this isn’t…he’s just…. ok again 1, 2, 3

Harry and Louis: Hiiii. You’ve reached the Tomlinson-Styles residence. Please leave your name, number and message and we’ll do our very best to get back to you.

Louis: Eventually

Harry: Byeeeeeeeee

Louis: Westsi-

[Harry pulls Louis into his lap and shuts him up with a kiss]

dang it woman your little tags are making me feel things —Anonymous

Here is a visual to go with it (just imagine him wearing the Burberry coat)



You know Louis sent Harry a pic of just him in the Burberry coat and nothing else.

I’m not saying that Harry Styles is Mick Jagger’s son.
But, Harry Styles is Mick Jagger’s son.


daddy waiting for u to strip and give him a lapdance